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Play the Mega Millions Lottery
country Mega Millions
$226 000 000
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Play the 6 из 45 Lottery
country 6 из 45
Р89 814 980
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$64 000 000
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Play the 777 Lottery
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₪70 000
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Play the Lotto Lottery
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Play the La Primitiva Lottery
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Play the Colorado Lotto Lottery
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$4 700 000
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Play the Washington Lotto Lottery
country Washington Lotto
$1 600 000
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Play the Oz Lotto Lottery
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A$40 000 000
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Play the SuperEnalotto Lottery
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€49 000 000
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Play the SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery
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Play the EuroMillions Lottery
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€17 000 000
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£32 000 000
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€100 000 000

UK Lotto results:
number number number number number
Date: 20.11.2021


Total prizes paid out
US$ 107 233 768
6 975 146
winning tickets
country P.I won Р900.00
in 6 из 45 draw #12373
country L.B won Р350.00
in 7 ИЗ 49 draw #18745
country U.H won Р150.00
in 6 из 45 draw #12373


Can I play the lottery online?

Yes! Thanks to SmartWinners lottery messenger service, you can play any lottery in the world without leaving your home.
Our local agents across the world buy lottery tickets on your behalf. The tickets are then scanned and placed in your personal account. This allows you to play lotteries from any country in the world.

How will I get my wins?

SmartWinners in a registered in the UK under the legal name “Smart Tech Limited”. We bank with the UK’s largest bank HSBC.

Purchasing a lottery ticket through SmartWinners enters our company into an agreement with you where we are obliged to pay you all your winnings in accordance with the laws of England.

You will receive the following proof of purchase:
1) An e-mail confirmation including details of your purchase.
2) Scan the ticket, which can later be viewed through your SmartWinners account.
3) The obligation of the SmartWinners to pay you your winnings, in full, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

The proof of purchase guarantees you receive your winnings. SmartWinners does not have any legal rights to your tickets or prizes.
In the last five years, SmartWinners has paid out prizes ranging from $20 to jackpots of millions of dollars!.

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Is it safe to play lottery online?

The security and privacy of our customers in our top priority. We take all necessary measures to protect your personal and financial data. SmartWinners website is 100% PCI compliance and uses 128-bit encryption SSL Comodo Secure to encrypt pages.